Monday, June 9, 2008

the goldfish bowl

Its amazing how clear you get the message that she is sending you. It reminds me of the old cliche think outside the box. It brings back memories of how my ninth grade year transformed me from just a bystander to a bright and interesting person. The blogs applications to that memory are do to the statement of how she felt she had grown roots to the chair and felt stuck in the goldfish bowl. In my previous education before high school I had the same friends, I listened to the same music and nothing ever changed. I woke up one day and I saw a new world in which i had to find my place in. That year I broke all ties with my old buddies and I travelled a new path on which they had lost respect for me. I met all kinds of wonderful people that influenced and changed me into who I am today. Strike that, because I am still changing constantly becoming a better more rounded person. The goldfish bowl is a great painting and Its very influentual in the mind of someone who can view it multiple ways. The podcast was very enlightening, it opened my eyes to a new perspective on life and our grooves that we will get into and stay there getting comfortable until something comes along and turns us upside down.

Bison Bladders

whilst reading through all the articles about art just looking for something intersting to blog about I came across a rather short but really uh well im not sure what to call it. I'm not even sure how I feel about it really. The title is what had originally captivated me. Bison Bladders, now doesn't just strike some primeval nerve to explore this subject. The entire blog is based on this western artist that stayed out in the west and kept all his paint in a bison bladder. I don' Know wether to shudder or give this guy a metal for beating Bear Grylls at being resourceful. I honestly want to know how the hell this guy came up with this idea I really do. His entire aproach on art is very interesting my guess is that he did used the bison bladder to get more in tune with the very native american life that he was trying to portray in his paintings. I have heard that some of the artists of the eighteenth century would spend weeks inside the indian tribes just observing how they would live. I believe that some of their inspirations would come from the so called "peace pipe" and the spiratual visions would also influence the art that they would create. I guess that if i was a famous scupltor (as I had once dreamed of) I would probably do a lot crazier stuff to get inspiration.

George Catlin's paintings

Friday, June 6, 2008

read this article response

This article means a lot to me. It shows that people are so stupid and blind about what another person thinks of them. Yes, i believe religion is a personal thing and that means that if someone has an idea that they want to portray, even if only on paper, they should be able to do it. The whole idea about religion being banned in school is ridiculous, there are several flaws that cancel the entire prospect. First off isn't school supposed to get people ready for the "outside world" and if so then why not introduce religion into school? It will prepare students for the real world in the fact that they will face many religious obstacles in life, from intolerance to the people who come around every saturday house to house. Second, it is unfair to students to have to deal with all the demonic and atheist ideas of fellow students while their own beliefs are put down, stomped on, and called wrong. Yet another flaw in this religious roadblock is that people in general just don't care. Of course you will get the occasional oddball but you will deal with it just like the students will have to deal with all the trials in life that will include religion. Its not going to help the next generation to shelter them. They will just step out from under the dark rock they have been placed under just to be blinded by the overwhelming sunlight. Like I have stated above, religion is a personal plight and therefore should be welcomed by such personal applications such as the arts. There are many different religious discriminations that people will have to deal with in life. There are also the extremists that make whole entire generations not want to even deal with religion. I came upon this site and thought that if any normal person would have read it they would have freaked out. This site is a perfect reference to the idiocy of this world that we live in. And as for me I am still agnostic and have my own views and opinions but lets save those for another time, place and argument.